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Meet Our Staff


Staci Allen

Dance Program Coordinator

HBCU Lead Instructor

     Staci brings over 8 years of HBCU, majorette, pop, jazz, and lyrical experience. Staci began her dance career as a Lionette at Little Rock’s John L McClellan High School. Senior year she was placed in the all-state category and earned a spot in the Universal Dance Association Showcase.

      After High School Coach Staci continued her dancing at the collegiate level at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. She became the only freshman to make the team in the 2013 HBCU M4 Golden Girls Dance Line. She completed four years of dance and the last two years of which she served as a Captain. She became a member of Tau Beta Sigma Honorary Band Sorority and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

While in college Staci discovered a love for teaching and compiling choreography for school dance teams and pom-pom squads. Teams such as JA Fair, McClellan, Parkview, and Dollarway High Schools, where she is known for her work with dancers to unleash powerful presence and connection in each moment. She has also judged dance competitions and played the role of Mistress of Ceremony and hosts special dance workshops.

      Upon graduation from college with a degree in Business Administration, Staci became AmeriAKA’s Superstars Lead HBCU Instructor in 2018 where she has been such a dedicated Coach. In 2020 she was promoted as the Dance Program Coordinator which assists the Director.

     Staci brings her wisdom, creativity, and technique to this squad of brilliant dancers. She is passionate about empowering beginning and professional dancers to feel no boundaries. Of all of her accomplishments, Staci is most proud of instilling in her students to create beautiful stories while dancing. 


Javion White

Cheer, Stunt & Tumbling Coach

     Javion White is new to the Super Stars Staff, he is a graduate of McClellan High School of Little Rock, AR. Upon graduation, Javion was accepted into the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff where he studies Physical Education and Rehabilitation. He is also a member of the UAPB Coed Cheerleading squad for the past two years.

     Javion started cheering for Cheer Central Elite located in Conway, Ar. He then started training for highly competitive Cheer Teams such as the Warriors at a level 4, level 5 for teams such as Phoenix, Nighthawks, and Spartans. His talent and passion for the sport inspired him to share his expertise with children and getting to know each athlete on an individual level. He plans to place a strong focus on creating well-rounded athletes.



Denika Scott

Studio Office Manager

     Denika is an Office Manager and Administrative Assistant with the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. She has the “what it takes attitude” and the ability to wear multiple hats. She manages the bookkeeping, order processing with customers and distributors, inventory control, customer service, financial management & assists with making important company decisions daily. Denika keeps the operations running smoothly which has earned her the title of Director of Operations in The School of Education.

     Denika is no stranger to building and sustaining athletic organizations, from being a former basketball player to a current youth cheerleading coordinator. She's recently obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education which makes her role perfect for this Dance Organization. With her combination of administration experience, compassion, and commitment to our students and families she enjoys working closely with parents to help build that unbreakable team/family bond that helps make Star Studios what it is today. We are extremely excited to have her as a part of our team.


John Gray

Head Majorette & Lead Instructor

     John Gray discovered his passion for the art of dance at a young age. His success with teaching began in 2005 giving instructions to all ages and levels. Now with over 15 years of experience, he makes it a priority to mix both intense dance training with compassion to mentor dancers to be the best version of themselves that they can be. 
    John has consulted, coached, and choreographed for several school districts and their dance teams across the state of Arkansas such as Pine Bluff School District, Dollarway School District, and Lighthouse Chartered School. He's also had the opportunity to train dancers at Wheeler High, and Osborne High in Marietta, GA.    
    The dance industry has allowed John to become versatile with many experiences through teaching, assisting choreographers, choreographing, performing, judging, and hosting dance competitions. John decided to step into the majorette world and create his own dance team known as Flawless All-Starz in July 2015-January 2019. Throughout his journey in 2019, he decided to move on to a new chapter in his life, and join AmeriAKA’s Super Stars Dance Team as an Instructor and Coach.    
    Since performing is close to his heart, he is very aware of the importance of training and is diligent in his desire to stay current for his students, including staying abreast of the newest trends in dance and competitions.
      John's proudest accomplishments are those of his past student's successes gaining the opportunity to dance all over the US at HBCUs with scholarships for dance and cheer.


Destianna Gunn 

Juniors Battle Team Coach

     Destianna is a native of Memphis, TN at the age of five she began her lifelong passion for dancing. Since Jr. High she has been awarded for the “Most Outstanding Dancer” and “Best Choreography” her skills are undeniable as she has served as a captain up to graduation. She has been a part of one of the best majorette dance teams in the south while in high school, Memphis Prancing Tigerettes that has been featured on the Lifetime show “Bring It” numerous times.
    Destianna was accepted into the University of Arkansas @ Pine Bluff in 2016. She auditioned for the M4 Golden Girls dance line where she made the team and earned a scholarship, in 2018 she became the Co-Captain. She loves to challenge her students to perform at their full potential at all times, her love for dance runs deep and she believes it is therapeutic for your mind, body, and soul. 

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