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Our Story

AmeriAKA’s Super Stars Dance Academy is one of the most premier dance academies in the state of Arkansas. AmeriAKA’s Super Stars Dance Academy was established in January 2K18 as a grassroots effort to respond to the desires of young girls to participate in majorette dance and to learn the true meaning of sisterhood.


The Super Stars practice three to five days per week, three hours per day, so they can perform their very best. They make great strides and improvements after each performance. Not only are they great dancers, but they are also exceptional students.


They compete throughout many states exhibiting different dance styles against other talented young girls. The team has participated in Dianna Williams from the Lifetime T.V. show “Bring It” competitions “New Year Showdown,” and “Rookies vs Vets,” that was held in Birmingham, Al and Jackson, Tn. Performing with over twenty dance teams was such an amazing experience for the Super Stars. They also had the pleasure of performing at the Pine Bluff football game @ the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.


AmeriAKA’s Super Stars are so much more than dance; the girls are around each other so many countless hours that they build a special bond. You’ll never have a closer friend than those you make in a dance class. Their sisterhood is so many things all at once; it’s about sharing dreams & achieving goals together. It’s about knowing that there will always be someone around whom you can talk to or share your stories with, no matter what, doing the little things to make their sisters smile. It’s the ultimate experience of a lifetime, an experience like no other and that’s why “The Super Stars” are known to be a family.  


This organization's vision is to inspire young African American girls to strive to uphold the highest self-confidence, self-respect, discipline, and positive attitude. We believe in enriching education to encourage higher learning within our dancers and succeed in this talented field, where they can receive scholarship offers for college after graduation.

We teach our dancers to know the art of dance, the purpose of a dancer, and a dancer's values. Our dancers are positive influences in the community, from volunteer work- to our high school dancers mentoring to the younger community. They will empower each other to help other young girls in their community become the very best they could be.

We instill in them to “believe you can do it,” “remove doubt,” “remove fear,” and replace with positive energy. “Do not fear failure,” “do not run away from it,” face it, and learn from it. The vision is to develop a sense of good sportsmanship, promote and uphold team spirit, strive to build better relationships between teams, and positively impact their sisterhood's lives.

“Practice like you’ve never won. Perform as you’ve never lost.”

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